Notice of AGM


Advising all members that this years Annual general Meeting will be held at the Ukrainian Hall, 83-87 Suspension St Ardeer on Sunday 2th September 2017. 10:30am is registrar and morning tea. 11:00am will be the official commencement of the AGM. Membership can be payed on the day. Only financial members will be eligible to vote. We hope to see you on the day. New members are always welcome.

Winter on Fire



For three months in the frigid winter of 2013-2014, almost a million citizens of Ukraine took to the streets in an attempt to bring down a repressive government. That 93-day protest, which drew armed retaliation from the government supporting President Viktor Yanukovych, is the subject of “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom,” a new Netflix documentary from director Evgeny Afineevsky that is screening at the Venice, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.

A street-level chronicle of a fight that began when Yanukovych rejected a plan for Ukraine to join the European Union in favor of a backroom deal with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, “Winter on Fire” has drawn raves out of the festivals and will premiere on Netflix on Oct. 9.

“For me, ‘Winter on Fire’ is a cinematic monument to heroes, dedicated to the entire Ukranian nation and the true story of the Maidan Revolution of Dignity,” Afineevsky said in a director’s statement.

If you have a subscription to Netflix, this movie is a definite “must see”.

History of the Ukrainian Association Sunshine


65 years ago, the wide grassy Western Plains became home to many Young Ukrainian families. They have left war-ravaged Europe behind and found a haven in the Ardeer, West Sunshine area, where they built their homes. Many came with nothing but hope, willing hands and a small chest or suitcase, which held all their worldly possessions. 

In 1951 there were approximately 100 Ukrainian families living in and around Sunshine. Their common heritage brought them together. On the 30th March 1952 a General Meeting was held in Mr. Koniuk’s private home and the Ukrainian Association Sunshine was formed, the first elected President being Mr. Peter Furyk. Today in 2012 - 60 years on, the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are thankful to the Ukrainian pioneers who came to this country, became Australian citizens but did not forget their Ukrainian roots.

We believe that future generations will continue to grow and develop, as they have a solid foundation to build on.


60 років тому, широкі західні степи Вікторії стали захистом для багатьох молодих українських родин. Вони залишили зруйновану війною Европу і знайшли притулок в Ардір-Вест Саншайн дільниці, де розпочали родинне життя. Багато з них прибули до Австралії з нічим крім надією на краще життя. Везли з собою лише малу скриню чи чемодан де вміщалися всі їхні набутки.

У 1951 році налічувалося близько 100 українських родин, які проживали в околиці Саншайну. Їхня спільна спадщина звела їх разом. І ось, 30 березня 1952р відбулися перші Загальні Збори в приватнім домі пана Петра Конюка, де була створена Українська Громада Саншайн. Першою Головою Громади став пан Петро Фурик.

Сьогодні в 2012р – 60 літ пізніше, діти, внуки, правнуки дякують цим українським піонерам, які приїхали в цю країну, стали громадянами Австралії, але ніколи не забували про своє українське коріння.

Ми вважаєм, що майбутні покоління будуть продовжувати рости й розвиватися, тому, що вони одержали міцну основу для подальшої праці в українські спільноті

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